About Us

I am on a mission to make reading tabletop game rulebooks easier!

I love tabletop games but I bloody hate to read the rule book. It just gets in the way of anyone getting started on the game!

When you have 3 young kids and they are all waiting for you to read the rulebook, it can get in the way of you starting your game.

It is also a huge pain when there is only 1 rulebook and you have to share it!

I have tried Youtube how to play videos and they are helpful but you have to sit through the entire video and listen to someone review and explain the game.

I am sick of it! I want to change the way we read and learn the rules!

I started Daroolz to focus on key essential areas of the game to get you started!

No beating around the bush!

Daroolz just focuses on these essential areas:

  1. What’s the goal of the game?
  2. How to setup the game?
  3. Gameplay – the different actions each player has to take
  4. How to win in the game

I aim it to keep it short and simple and get you started on the fun fast!

You can load our site on your mobile phone/tablet and quickly reference the rules and have fun gaming!

I hope to be the WIKI of all board game rules! Feel free to comment and feedback. I am always seeking to improve!

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