20 Second Showdown


20 Second Showdown Game Features

Players: 5 – 20 players Duration: – mins Min. Age:10+ Game complexity EASY Genre: Party Game,Real-time Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No

What is 20 Second Showdown about?

It’s time for two teams to go head-to-head in a fast and furious game of silly challenges. Flip the timer, and let’s go!

Choose a referee for 20 Second Showdown. All the rest split into two teams and face off against each other. At the beginning of each round, the referee resets the timer by putting an even amount of “sand” in each half. Referees read out the challenges and flip the timer, which has twenty seconds in each half. In order to win, you have to force the other team to run out of “sand” by completing your challenges as fast as you can. First team to run out of sand loses the round, and first team to win three rounds is crowned “20-Second Champions”.

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