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All you need to know about 50 Clues: The Secret of the Mark

Players: 1 – 5 players | Game Duration 90 – 90 mins | Min. Age 16+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Card Games, Crime and Mystery, Deduction, Horror, Mature / Adult, Puzzle Solo game mode: Yes | Co-op: Yes | Online Version: No

What is 50 Clues: The Secret of the Mark about?

“50 Clues: The Secret of the Mark” is an engaging and immersive puzzle game that forms the second part of the “Hunt for Maria” trilogy. In this suspenseful game, players find themselves in a dire situation where children are trapped in the dark, their abductor is dead, and it’s up to them to find the hiding place and save the children before time runs out.

The game offers an escape room experience in a format playable at home. It involves combining objects, solving puzzles, and deciphering codes to progress in the story, with a smartphone or tablet used to track solutions and provide hints. The game falls under the categories of horror, mature/adult, murder/mystery, and puzzle and includes mechanisms like cooperative gameplay, deduction, solo/solitaire play, and storytelling.

Suitable for older teenagers and adults, “The Secret of the Mark” is ideal for players who enjoy narrative-driven puzzle-solving experiences and escape room challenges. The game is fun because of its compelling storyline, challenging puzzles, and the immersive experience it provides​

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