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All you need to know about Alhambra: Big Box (Second Edition)

Is Alhambra: Big Box (Second Edition) fun to play?
Alhambra: Big Box (Second Edition)

Players: 2 – 6 players | Game Duration 60 – 60 mins | Min. Age 8+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Alhambra: Big Box (Second Edition) about?

Europe and Arabia’s top master builders want to show off their skills. Ensure that you have enough of the right currency and the best teams of builders.
Stonemasons in the north and horticulturists in the south both demand their “native” currency.
You can build towers, gardens, pavilions, arcades, seraglios, and chambers with their help. Compete against other players to build the ALHAMBRA.
The player with the most building tiles of each kind in their Alhambra at the right time – in the scoring rounds – is awarded points, depending on the type of building. Players also score points for the longest wall they have built around their Alhambra. Each scoring round awards more points. By the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.

Find out about Alhambra: Big Box (Second Edition) How to play Alhambra: Big Box (Second Edition)

Rulebook and How to Play Guides

Official Rule Book

How to Play Alhambra: Big Box (Second Edition) and Review Videos

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