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All you need to know about Bardsung

Is Bardsung fun to play?

Players: 1 – 5 players | Game Duration 44 – 60 mins | Min. Age 14+ | Game complexity: MEDIUM Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Fighting, Miniatures Solo game mode: Yes | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Bardsung about?

Bardsung is an epic role-playing board game that will transport you into a world of fantasy and magic. As a player, you get to create your own character with unique abilities and skills. You can be a cunning rogue, a powerful mage, a fearless warrior or any other character that your imagination can conjure up.

How to play

You and your fellow players must embark on a journey to defeat the evil overlord who threatens to destroy the kingdom. The game is played in rounds where each round represents a different location in the kingdom. As you progress through the game, you will face challenges, engage in battles and interact with non-player characters. The outcome of these encounters will determine how your character evolves throughout the game.

Instead of using dice or cards to determine outcomes, players must use a set of runes that represent different elements such as fire, ice or lightning. These runes add an element of surprise and strategy to the game, making it both challenging and exciting.

Who Can Play

‘Bardsung’ is perfect for those who love adventure, fantasy and a good challenge.

What Makes It Fun

‘Bardsung’ is so fun as it engages your creativity, problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities.

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