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All you need to know about Betrayal Legacy

Is Betrayal Legacy fun to play?
Betrayal Legacy

Players: 3 – 5 players | Game Duration 45 – 90 mins | Min. Age 12+ | Game complexity: MEDIUM Genre: Adventure, Exploration, Horror, Miniatures Solo game mode: No | Co-op: Yes | Online Version: No

What is Betrayal Legacy about?

Your role in Betrayal Legacy is to explore a house that seems to invite trouble. A haunt is triggered by one player during the game. Players usually become traitors at this point, bent on defeating their teammates. Other players become heroes.
After that, the game becomes a fight between the traitor and the heroes, often to the death. The house will change as each game is played and tell more of its story. The campaign portion of Betrayal Legacy is comprised of 13 chapters (plus a prologue). 
You can then play the game in “free play” mode. In free play, very few changes will be made to the game.
Make your family member stronger by exploring the house until the haunt begins. Then, you must complete your side’s victory condition, either as a traitor or a hero.
As Betrayal Legacy is a legacy game, some of the events from one game will carry over into future games. You might add cards or stickers to materials. At other times, you may destroy components. Each group’s journey and history will be different. 

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