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Is Brazil: Imperial fun to play?

Is Brazil: Imperial fun to play?
Brazil: Imperial

Players: 1 – 4 players | Game Duration 100 – 100 mins | Min. Age 14+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Historical, City Building, Civilization, Exploration, Historical, Economy / Industry, Historical, Territory Building Solo game mode: Yes | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Brazil: Imperial about?

Brazil Imperial Game Overview

Upon arrival in Terra Brasilis, you must expand your Territory by building Cities and Buildings, and improve your forthcoming Actions through the manufacture of new Products. Be cautious, however, as foreign adversaries may attempt to wipe your name off the map.

Players must overcome increasingly arduous challenges in three historical Eras to advance in the contest. The greatest minds of Terra de Santa Cruz can offer advice and help, but Victory Points count most.

Victory Points (VP) are accumulated during the game by building an Empire. The Imperial mLaurels – which range in value from 1 to 5 – are tallied at the end of the game.

A player must announce the completion of their current Mission Card in order to advance to the next Era. When a player announces completion of their Mission in the third Era, the current round is played out and the game ends.

A Golden Star symbol is present on Era III Mission cards as a reminder that they trigger the game’s end. After Era III is over, victory points are tallied, and the player with the most wins!

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