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Players: 3 – 5 players Duration: 30 – 30 mins Min. Age:10+ Game complexity EASY Genre: Card Games Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No

What is Chez Geek about?

Chez Geek is a humorous, and fast-paced card game. Players are roommates trying to get through life with as minimal work.

Each player is given a Job card which states:

  • their free time,
  • income,
  • a special ability and
  • their Slack goal.

Players are also dealt five Life cards. The space directly in front of a player represents their Room, where cards will be played during gameplay.

Players take turns to

  • Draw Life cards
  • Make “variable” rolls.

For each unit of free time the player’s Job card gives them, they may perform one action or go shopping.

At the end of a turn, if a player has more than five cards in hand, the player must discard cards until they have five or fewer. If desired, players can discard all the way down to one card. (NOTE: It is also legal for a player to play ALL the cards in their hand and have NO cards at the end of a turn.)

Activity cards and Thing cards typically list a Slack value which is added to the player’s Slack total, though some have random Slack totals and some have Slack totals which vary during the game.

The first player to achieve or exceed their Slack goal is the winner.

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Rules and How to Play

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Chez Geek Awards

2006 Lucca Games Best Card Game
1999 Origins Awards Best Traditional Card Game Winner

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