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Players: 2 – 4 players Duration: 15 – 20 mins Min. Age:6+ Game complexity EASY Genre: Children Games,City Building,Educational Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No

What is City Blox about?

City Blox is a fun “build and match” game for the whole family. When you build your own living quarters out of building blocks, it is important to think logically as well as out of the box! 

In the beginning, each player receives three landscape maps and three empty building plots. The players now take turns selecting which building blocks may be built on each building plot in each round. Buildings fit into holes in the landscape map, and the map is placed on top of the building site.

The first player to complete all three buildings wins. Although it may sound simple, the road to victory is more challenging than you might think. The building blocks may not be the right ones. 

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Rules and How to Play

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