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All you need to know about Downforce

Is Downforce fun to play?
Players: 2 – 6 players | Game Duration 20 – 40 mins | Min. Age 10+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Racing, Sports Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No
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What is Downforce about?

“Downforce” combines the adrenaline rush of high-speed racing with the strategic intricacies of betting and is perfect for players who enjoy a mix of strategy, luck, and dynamic player interaction.

Gameplay Overview

In “Downforce,” players begin by bidding on a selection of six race cars, each with its own unique abilities. Car ownership is determined through an auction phase. Players then use a hand of cards that move all the cars on the track, not just their own. Each card specifies distance every car (including your opponent’s) moves, requiring you to consider how your played card impacts you and your opponents.

Game Mechanics and Strategic Betting

“Downforce” is also unique due to its blend of racing and betting. You race and bet on the outcome at three points in the game: after all cars have moved at least once, at the halfway mark, and near the end of the race. These bets are made based on the current standings and each player’s predictions about the race’s outcome. Winning bets can offset the cost of the cars or even turn a losing racer into a financial winner.  Player powers, which grant special abilities, adds another layer of depth and replayability.

What Makes It Fun?

“Downforce” keeps every player engaged until the very end. The uncertainty of the race’s outcome, combined with the chance to win through betting, creates a thrilling experience. The game’s design also encourages you to think on your feet and adapt to changing situations.

Who Will Enjoy “Downforce”?

Motor sports will appreciate the theme. The game is also likely to appeal to those who enjoy the betting game mechanic.

What do ‘Downforce’ players say about the game?

  1. Ease of Learning and Play: Many are suprised at how quick and easy it is to learn “Downforce,” typically within 15 minutes, making it accessible to everyone from younger children to older adults.

  2. Engaging for Various Groups: ‘Downforce’ is praised for its appeal across different demographics, from family gatherings to friend groups, and its ability to intrigue spectators who end up wanting to participate.

  3. Strategic Depth: While simple to pick up, “Downforce” also offers strategic depth through car positioning and race management, which involves controlling narrow passages to block opponents.

  4. Replayability: The game features high replay value due to its straightforward yet compelling mechanics, and the variety introduced by the game board’s dual sides and expansion packs.

  5. Component Quality:  High satisfaction with the quality of the game’s components, including the visual appeal of the cars and boards.


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Awards Won by Downforce

2018 Origins Awards Best Family Game Nominee
2018 Boardgames Australia Awards Best International Game Nominee
2017 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee

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