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Is Enemy Action: Kharkov fun to play?

Is Enemy Action: Kharkov fun to play?
Enemy Action: Kharkov

Players: 1 – 2 players | Game Duration 15 – 300 mins | Min. Age + | Game complexity: EASY

Genre: War, War

Solo game mode: Yes | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Enemy Action: Kharkov about?

John Butterfield’s Enemy Action: Kharkov is the second game in his acclaimed series of card-driven games simulating key battles from World War II, playable by two players or one player controlling either side.

The Third Battle of Kharkov, the battle that ended a string of Soviet victories begun at Stalingrad, is the subject of Enemy Action: Kharkov. Soviet Operation Star and Gallop drove the Germans from Kharkov late in 1943 and threatened a complete breakthrough, only to be driven back by the German Counteroffensive called Von Manstein’s Back Hand Blow.

Each volume in the Enemy Action series features:

  • Low-complexity, two-player competition with constant decision points for both players;
  • playing either side in solo mode with systems governing all aspects of enemy command and tactics;
  • A system using multi-purpose cards to activate formations, implement command events, or gain tactical advantages.
  • No dice, no charts – players draw combat cards which build a narrative of each encounter.
  • There is a sense of fog of war in the solo games. In solo games, much of the enemy unit location is unknown until your forces move into contact with it.

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