Is Friday fun to play?
Players 1 – 1 players Duration 20 – 30 mins
Min. Age 13+ Game complexity LOW
Genre: Adventure,Card Games,Fighting,Novel-based,Pirates
Solo game mode: Yes
Co-op: No
Online Version: No


What is Friday About

Friday, the second game in the Friedemann Friese Series: Freitag-Project (Friedemann Friese), is based on the story of Robinson Crusoe and his loyal partner Friday (Freitag). You play as Friday, and when Robinson Crusoe crashes his ship on your island, your peaceful times are disturbed. You must help Robinson to survive the island and prepare him to defeat the pirates that are coming for the island.

Friday is a solitaire deck-building game in which you optimize your deck of fight cards in order to defeat the hazards of the island. During a turn the player will attempt to defeat hazard cards by playing fight cards from their deck. If defeated, a hazard card will become a fight card and is added to the player’s deck. If failed, the player will lose life points but also get the opportunity to remove unwanted cards from their fight deck. In the end, the player will use their optimized fight deck to defeat the two pirate ships coming for the island, allowing Robinson Crusoe to escape the island and allowing you to finally have your peace back!

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Friday Awards Won

2014 Juego del Año Recommended
2012 Spiel des Jahres Kennerspiel des Jahres Recommended
2012 Golden Geek Most Innovative Board Game Nominee
2012 Golden Geek Best Card Game Nominee
2012 Fairplay À la carte Runner-up

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