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All you need to know about Fuse

Is Fuse fun to play?

Players: 1 – 5 players | Game Duration 10 – 15 mins | Min. Age 10+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Dice Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Fuse about?

Introducing Fuse the Dice Game: Explosive Fun in Ten Minutes!

Get ready to roll into action with Fuse the Dice Game, the dynamic, cooperative game that cranks up the pressure and challenges you to think fast! 

Defuse or Get Blown Away!

Imagine you’re part of a bomb disposal squad, and you have just minutes to prevent disaster. That’s the adrenaline-pumping scenario Fuse sets for you. Each player on the team rolls dice to match the requirements of various “bombs” — cards with specific patterns you must create with your dice to “defuse” them. But there’s a catch: you’re tackling these puzzles in real-time, with a timer counting down to a boom you must avoid at all costs!

How It Works

  • The game is guided by simple yet exhilarating mechanics: roll dice, match colors and numbers, complete the patterns, and achieve victory — all this before the timer runs out
  • On your turn, you’ll need to think quickly and work with your teammates to place your dice strategically on bomb cards.
  • You’ll encounter a variety of bomb cards each with different symbology; learning to interpret these symbols swiftly becomes part of the fun and mastery of the game.
  • Remember, the clock is ticking, and each round escalates in tension as you near the explosive finale.

A Game for the Swift and Strategic

Fuse is more than just a game of chance. It will test your ability to decide and act quickly under pressure. Strategy and nimbleness of mind will serve you well as you prioritize which sequences to complete and when to reroll for better outcomes. The push-your-luck element means you’ll always be one roll away from triumph or the sobering sound of the timer ending your quest.

A Perfect Travel Companion… Almost

At a mere 10 minutes (and an additional 2 for setup and teardown), this game packs a punch without dragging out your evening. Its compact size makes it ideal for bringing along to any game night or travel destination — as long as you’re not playing on the move! It’s a short, intense burst of fun that’s easy to fit into your evening and guaranteed to hit the table.

Embrace the Challenge Together

What truly makes Fuse stand out is its cooperative heart pulsing against the beat of a relentless timer. It requires you to work together with efficiency but leaves no room for prolonged debate. It’s about instinct, sharp eyes, and a shared commitment to avert a tabletop catastrophe.

What to Expect

  • Feel the rush of playing against the clock.
  • Experience the joy in strategic, cooperative play that demands swift decision-making.
  • Enjoy multiple playthroughs as you and your friends become more adept at defusing the bomb, rolling dice, and interpreting symbology.
  • Relish a game that is easy to learn, yet remains exciting and challenging time after time.

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