Fuse Game Features

Players: 2 – 2 players Duration: 5 – 15 mins Min. Age:8+ Game complexity Genre: Abstract Strategy Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No

What is Fuse about?

In Fuse, players alternate turns entering their discs into the board, eventually pushing other discs along the way, with the goal of creating the biggest group of their colour.

Fuse is a derivative of Feed the ducks by the same designer, that adds up to the family of other ‘push/attract games’ such as Avverso (Henrik Morast) or Momentum (Phil Leduc). It also uses the piece-entering mechanism of games like 9tka (Adam Kałuża).


12 ‘ice’ discs, 12 black discs, board, carrying case, 2 small blue discs (king indicators).

GAMEPLAY (please refer to rulebook for detailed rules)

Players alternate turns entering one of the perimetral discs into the 6×6 inner area of the board. One or more discs may be pushed forward as a result.

The game ends when both players pass in succession. The player with the largest group of connected discs of her color wins the game.


Omega Scoring: The same score as in the game OMEGA (by the same designer) is applied.

Kings mode: One or two pieces per player (indicated by a blue disc on top) are worth 2 points.

-description from designer

How to Play Fuse Videos and Reviews

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