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All you need to know about Global War 2025: Meltdown

Is Global War 2025: Meltdown fun to play?
Global War 2025: Meltdown

Players: 2 – 5 players | Game Duration 120 – 240 mins | Min. Age 12+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: War, War Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Global War 2025: Meltdown about?

Global War 2025 Meltdown is a fast-playing, hard-hitting game from Historical Board Gaming. Take part in the ultimate throw-down with stealth destroyers, cruise missiles, drones, nuclear weapons, and tons of modern units.

In this future conflict, the United States, NATO, and a number of allied states will face off against the Russian Federation, China, and a vast Middle Eastern caliphate. This game has everything from cyber-warfare to high tech research.

There are two great alliances in Meltdown 2025 – the Western Alliance and the Eastern Pact. There are three factions in each Alliance.

Allies can move into each other’s territories and share land and sea zones.

Friendly zones are those that belong to you or an Alliance member. Alliances cannot use each other’s Super Carriers, LHDs, Strategic Movements or Drones. On every faction’s starting territory in the game, a roundel is printed. As well as marking newly acquired land zones, Roundel markers are used to track income and technological advancements within factions.

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Rulebook and How to Play Guides

Official Rule Book

How to Play Global War 2025: Meltdown and Review Videos

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