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Is It’s in the bag! fun to play?

Is It's in the bag! fun to play?
It’s in the bag!
Players: 4 – 99 players | Game Duration 20 – 45 mins | Min. Age 10+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Deduction, Party Game Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is It’s in the bag! about?

A party card game like no other! 🎉 If you enjoy charades and word guessing games, you’re going to love It’s in The Bag. It takes classic acting & guessing games and adds some spice to them.

✓ It’s Easy As 1,2,3! ✓ Designed for family game nights; easy to learn and never gets boring; perfect for kids and adults alike.

➟ It’s up to you and your team to guess the cards from these card games as fast as you can; Each round brings new challenges and laughs as you watch each other invent creative performances.
You describe a word (without using any off-limit hints!) and your team member has to guess it… The second round (I think..but, I’m trying to remember the order..but, either way- you will end up doing x3 different types of guesses!) you have to guess by only using a single description word (sort of flip-flops from the former round.. but even trickier!) and the final round: one person has to act it out charade-style!

This has been a huge hit with teens, college students, and adults alike! We tweaked the rules to fit our liking (probably why I’m having trouble remembering exactly what the game is like… and I’m sorry!) But, we’ve had the most hilarious laughs playing it… You don’t need a whole lot of talent, I would say the best setting is less distractions (i.e. no one on their phone, watching TV, etc.) if you can get everyone on the same page- The weaker links are pulled into a group… So, they don’t stand out! We have a 15-year-old who hates games where he feels “less than…” if that makes sense? The goal of group play is to make everyone feel part of the group and to have fun!

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