Legends of Novus


Legends of Novus Game Features

Players: 1 – 5 players Duration: 45 – 90 mins Min. Age:12+ Game complexity EASY Genre: Adventure,Card Games,Fantasy,Medieval Solo game mode: Yes Co-op: No Online Version: No

What is Legends of Novus about?

Legends of Novus is a fantasy adventure game in which you take control of a hero on a journey across the mythical world of Novus to help rid it of the creatures terrorizing it…

It combines physical character sheets and card-based equipment. Using a variety of initial characters and classes to make the game re-playable with a different gaming experience every time. Players have a great sense of control over their destiny thanks to the world story, and the free roam aspect (no dice rolling to control how far or where they can travel). Players can also explore different character strengths and game strategies in their quest to become a Legend of Novus by gaining XP in the various paths.

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Rules and How to Play

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