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All you need to know about Monikers

Players: 4 – 20 players | Game Duration 60 – 60 mins | Min. Age 18+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Humour, Party Game Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No
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What is Monikers about?

Monikers is a gem of a party game that guarantees laughter, ridiculous antics, and the kind of fun memories that last long after the game has ended. It blends the simplicity of charades with the complexity of unique and often bizarre characters you’ll be asked to describe, imitate, or outright guess.

What Is Monikers?

In Monikers, players must guess the names of various characters written on cards based on their teammates’ descriptions. The characters comprise a wildly diverse mix ranging from historical figures to pop culture icons, and from fictional characters to abstract concepts, some of which you might know well, and others that will leave you bewildered and amused.

How to Play Monikers

There are three rounds, each increasing in difficulty but decreasing in the tools you can use for communication. At the start, teams are formed, and each player draws a selection of cards to contribute to the game’s central deck, ensuring a personalized and often hilarious gameplay experience.

Round 1: Describe

In the first round, anything goes – except saying the name on the card. Players describe the character to their teammates, who have a limited time to guess as many as they can. This round is all about setting the stage, with players employing descriptions, anecdotes, or even singing to get their point across.

Round 2: Single Word

In the second round, players can only use a single word to describe each character. This round tests your team’s memory and your ability to think creatively under pressure.

Round 3: Charades

In the final round, words are off the table. Players act out the characters using charades. It’s a test of memory, creativity, and sometimes, your ability to perform under the laughter of your friends.

What Makes Monikers Fun?

The magic of Monikers lies in its evolution. As the game progresses, the descriptions, the one-word clues, and the silent charades build upon each other, creating a shared language and experience unique to your group. It’s not just a game; it’s a story that unfolds with each card, each guess, and each round. The laughter comes easily, but so does the tension of trying to recall how your friend described that obscure 18th-century philosopher in the first round.

Who Will Find Monikers Fun?

Monikers is a chameleon of a game, fitting seamlessly into a quiet night in with friends or serving as the centerpiece of a boisterous party. It’s perfect for those who love language, history, pop culture, or just the joy of guessing games. Whether you’re a board game aficionado or someone looking for an easy-to-learn game that promises a good time, Monikers has something for you.

What are gamers saying about Monikers?

Here are what gamers of Monikers are saying about the game.

  1. Universal Appeal: Played and enjoyed by individuals aged 18 to 82, proving the game’s wide appeal across generations. 

  2. Content Warning: A small portion of the cards may be deemed inappropriate for players under 16. 

  3. Ease of Learning: Straightforward rules and easy learning curve, making it an instant hit among various groups. 

  4. Social and Portable: Its compact size is a bonus, making Monikers an ideal travel companion. Reviewers have shared experiences of introducing the game at gatherings, leading to it being purchased by others due to its fun factor.

  5. Family and Party Friendly: Perfect for both family settings and larger parties, with some playing it in groups as large as 20. 

  6. Expansion Packs: The availability of expansion sets is a hit among enthusiasts, indicating its replay value and the desire for more content among frequent players.

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