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Is MonsDRAWsity fun to play?

Players: 3 – 8 players | Game Duration 5 – 30 mins | Min. Age 8+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Card Games, Party Game Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is MonsDRAWsity about?

Monsdrawsity: The Ultimate Drawing Game!

Monsdrawsity is the perfect game for those looking to unleash their creativity while playing games. Designed for both kids and adults, this game will keep you entertained for hours with its unique gameplay and hilarious outcomes.


Monsdrawsity is a game that revolves around drawing and guessing the most bizarre and comical monster combinations. The game is made up of two decks, one containing different body parts like head, torso, arms, and legs, while the other deck consists of various types of monsters such as vampires, aliens, and robots. In each round, a player draws one card from each deck, which will determine what they need to draw. For instance, they might have to draw a vampire with robot arms and an alien head. The catch is that players only get one minute to complete their drawing!

Game Mechanics

Monsdrawsity is a game that tests your quick thinking, creativity, and ability to improvise. With a limited amount of time, players are challenged to come up with the most outrageous monster combinations while also trying to guess what their opponents are drawing. Points are awarded for both successful guesses and for creating the most bizarre monsters. 

Suitable For

Monsdrawsity is suitable for players aged 8 years and above, making it a great option for families to play together. Its simple gameplay and silly nature make it easy to pick up and play, even for those who are not familiar with board games.

What Makes it Fun

There are so many things that make Monsdrawsity an incredibly fun game to play! First of all, the time constraint adds an element of chaos and urgency to the gameplay, making it both exciting and hilarious. Secondly, the combinations of body parts and monsters are completely random, leading to some truly absurd drawings that will have everyone laughing out loud. And lastly, the game encourages players to think outside the box and let their creativity run wild.


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Official MonsDRAWsity Rulebook

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Awards Won by MonsDRAWsity

2021 American Tabletop Casual Games Recommended
2020 Golden Geek Light Game of the Year Nominee
2020 Golden Geek Best Zoomable Game Nominee
2020 Cardboard Republic Socializer Laurel Nominee

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