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On Mars Game Features

Players: 1 – 4 players Duration: 90 – 150 mins Min. Age:14+ Game complexity EASY Genre: City Building,Economic,Exploration,Science Fiction,Space Exploration,Territory Building Solo game mode: Yes Co-op: No Online Version: No

What is On Mars about?

On Mars is a solo or up to 4 player game where players are Chief Astronauts a part of the private exploration companies that are starting to work towards a self-sustaining colony On Mars. Players want to be a pioneer in developing the biggest, most advanced colony by achieving DOME mission goals as well as their company’s private agenda. This game is played over several rounds and each round comprises of 2 phases:

  •  The Colonization Phase where players are able to take actions, this of which is determined by what side of the board they are on. Actions that players can choose from include taking blueprints, buying and developing technologies, constructing buildings with their bots, upgrading these buildings and more.
  • The Shuttle Phase is where players may travel between the colony and the space station in orbit

Throughout the game, players are trying to complete missions. Once a total of 3 missions has been completed, the game ends. To win the game, a player needs to contribute the most to the development of the first colony on Mars, this of which is represented by players earning Opportunity Points. The player with the most Opportunity Points wins the game.

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On Mars Awards

2020 Golden Geek Heavy Game of the Year Nominee
2020 Golden Geek Best Thematic Board Game Nominee
2020 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork & Presentation Winner
2020 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork & Presentation Nominee
2020 Board Game Quest Awards Best Strategy/Euro Game Nominee
2019 Cardboard Republic Architect Laurel Nominee

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