Onirim Game Features

Players: 1 – 2 players Duration: 10 – 20 mins Min. Age:10+ Game complexity LOW Genre: Card Games,Exploration,Fantasy Solo game mode: Yes Co-op: Yes Online Version: No

What is Onirim about?

You are a Dreamwalker, lost in a mysterious labyrinth, and you must discover the oneiric doors before your dreamtime runs out – or you will remain trapped forever!

You may wander through the chambers of dreams, hoping that chance will reveal the doors, or you can linger in each type of room. In both cases, you will have to deal with the slithering Nightmares, which haunt the hallways of the labyrinth.

Onirim is a solo/cooperative card game. You (and a partner, if you wish) must work (together) against the game to gather the eight Door cards before the deck runs out; you can obtain those Door cards either by playing cards of the same color three turns in a row, or by discarding (under specific circumstances) one of your powerful Key cards. In both cases you will have to decide the best use of each card in your hand and carefully play around the Nightmares. Those cards are hidden in the deck and will trigger painful dilemmas when drawn…

Onirim Awards

2014 Golden Geek Best Solo Board Game Nominee

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