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Is Scattergories fun to play?  
  2 – 6 players     25 – 35 mins
  12+     Complexity: LOW
Genre: Party Game,Real-time,Word Game
Solo game mode: No
Co-op: No
Online Version: No


What is Scattergories About

“The Game of Scattergories,” published in 1988 by Milton Bradley, is a great game for any group to play. In the game each player fills out a category list ‘with answers that begin with the same letter.’ If no other player matches your answers, you score points. The game is played in rounds. After 3 rounds a winner is declared, and a new game can be begun.

Scattergories is a commercial version of an old parlour game known as Categories or Guggenheim.

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Scattergories Awards Won

1990 Mensa Select Winner

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