Should I Play Schnell Boats: Scourge of the English Channel?

Players: 1 – 1 players | Game Duration 15 – 60 mins |
Min. Age 14+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Air / Land / Sea Travel, Print & Play, War
Solo game mode: Yes | Co-op: No |
Online Version: No

What is Schnell Boats: Scourge of the English Channel about?

In Schnellboot: Scourge of the English Channel, you command a German Kriesgsmarine type S-100 Schnellboot fast attack torpedo boat squadron during the English Channel campaign of 1943-1944. The main goal is to survive while sinking as many enemy ships as you can. These missions include offensive patrols, minelaying, and search and rescue. In addition to ships, patrol boats, and patrol aircraft, you will face a variety of enemies. The game also models weather and sea state. During each mission, the player will navigate his squadron through various travel boxes on a map of the English Channel on his way to the patrol area, then must successfully return home.

How to Play 

First things first, let’s talk about gameplay. The premise of the game is pretty simple – you are a captain of a Schnell boat, one of the fastest and most advanced boats of World War II. Your mission? To navigate through treacherous waters and sink as many English ships as possible before they reach the safety of their ports.

But don’t be fooled by its simplicity – this game is intense! You have to constantly strategize on when to attack, when to retreat, and how to outsmart your opponents. And speaking of opponents, this game is best played with a group of friends or family. The more players, the more chaotic and fun it gets!

Now let’s talk about game mechanics. Each player has their own deck of cards that represent different actions they can take – from moving their boat, launching torpedoes, and even calling in air support. And the best part? You can customize your deck before each game, giving you endless possibilities and strategies to try out.

Who Can Play

The audience for this game is pretty broad – from hardcore gamers to casual players who just want a fun night in. As long as you enjoy strategy games with a healthy dose of competition, Schnell Boats: Scourge of the English Channel is for you.

What Makes It Fun

But what makes this game truly special and stand out from other strategy games is the unique combination of historical accuracy with pure, unadulterated fun. As someone who loves history, I appreciate the attention to detail in terms of boat designs and naval tactics used during World War II. And as a board game fanatic, I can say with confidence that this game never fails to deliver an entertaining and engaging experience.


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