Slyville Game Features

Players: 3 – 5 players Duration: 45 – 60 mins Min. Age:10+ Game complexity EASY Genre: Bluffing,Humour,Medieval,Negotiation Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No

What is Slyville about?

Slyville is a game of deceit and pretense for 3-5 players in which bluffing skills and strategy-gathering abilities are just as important as managing your resources. Predict what Goods your opponents may need, and do your best to upset their plans, but above all, secure the most valuable Deals! Slyville players gain Influence Points (IP) by getting Deal tiles. The goal is to get at least 100 IP. When anyone scores 100 or more IP in a round, the current round ends as normal, then each player’s IP is counted. Screen reader support enabled.

Rules and How to Play

How to Play Slyville Videos and Reviews

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