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All you need to know about Stellar Horizons

Is Stellar Horizons fun to play?
Stellar Horizons

Players: 1 – 7 players | Game Duration 120 – 240 mins | Min. Age 14+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Civilization, Science, Space Solo game mode: Yes | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Stellar Horizons about?

Stellar Horizons Game Overview

You will lead one of seven Earth Factions to explore and develop our solar system in Stellar Horizons, a “build your own space program” game. A real-life space engineer with a PhD in long-duration spaceflight from MIT designed Stellar Horizons to be a plausible representation of the first steps humanity will take towards the stars between 2030 and 2169, with each turn representing one year. Space development becomes more important to your Faction’s politics back home on Earth, so you control its space program, outposts, and fleets throughout the solar system.

As a member of one of Five Earth factions, you will lead an exploration of our solar system in Stellar Horizons, a “near future” game for 1-7 players.

With each turn representing a year, it represents humanity’s first steps to the stars between 2030 and 2169.

As space development becomes increasingly important, you are in charge of your faction’s space program, although your faction’s politics on Earth will be affected as well. The game includes cooperative and competitive scenarios lasting up to an hour, as well as a day-long campaign.

Based on their unique geopolitical circumstances, each faction has varying strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and ships available to them. It is certainly possible for military conflict to occur, but not necessarily recommended. The game focuses more on diplomacy, technology, and economic competition than combat, although ignoring warships completely leaves you vulnerable to pirates, trade embargos, and sneak attacks by rogue players and factions.

For experienced players, Stellar Horizons also includes longer campaigns lasting a full weekend as well as short cooperative and competitive scenarios lasting up to an hour each.

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Awards Won by Stellar Horizons

2020 Charles S. Roberts Best SciFi Fantasy Board Wargame Winner 2020 Charles S. Roberts Best SciFi Fantasy Board Wargame Nominee

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