Should I Play VINDALOO: Four Battles from the 2nd Anglo-Maratha War?

Is VINDALOO: Four Battles from the 2nd Anglo-Maratha War fun to play?
VINDALOO: Four Battles from the 2nd Anglo-Maratha War

Players: 1 – 2 players | Game Duration 60 – 180 mins |
Min. Age 12+ | Game complexity: Genre: Historical, War
Solo game mode: Yes | Co-op: No |
Online Version: No

What is VINDALOO: Four Battles from the 2nd Anglo-Maratha War about?

VINDALOO – Four Battles from the 2nd Anglo-Maratha War is a game emphasizing easy, quick play that focuses on the unusual features of this area of history virtually untouched by the hobby but truly rich in gameplayer goodies.

VINDALOO simulates the battles of the 2nd Anglo-Maratha War in India (1802–1805), in which Major General, The Honorable Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington) had field command in the Deccan (the center of the subcontinent) against the huge forces of the Marathas , the largest independent empire in India, under the Scindia rulers of Gwalior and the Bhonsle rulers of Nagpur and Berar, complete with the a massive artillery corps, plus the equally important battles in the northern, Hindustan where the troops of the East India Company were under the oft-unappreciated General Lake; all of which was part of the almost subconscious, ongoing efforts of the British, in the guise of their East India Company, to gobble up an entire continent and civilization.

Much of the game system will be familiar to any wargamer. There is no set number of turns, and this is not Igo-Hugo gaming. Variable activation of commands, based on leadership quality, is the baseline. The usual fire/move then shock mechanics are all there.

VINDALOO includes all four battles of the 2nd Anglo-Maratha War: Assaye and Argaum, in the Deccan, and Delhi and Laswaree in northern Hindustan. Wellington considered Assaye the toughest battle in which he ever fought. (And readers of Bernard Cornwell’s first three Sharpe books will find this familiar territory). Each of these battles is on it’s own map, at 120 yards per hex, with combat units being half-battalions (well, two counters for a full battalion). The Marathas have lots of artillery. Good artillery, too… according to Wellesley “… the finest brass ordnance I have ever seen.”
Each battle has its own opening maneuvers, along with heavy barrages of cannon, followed by gritty hand-to-hand combat. There is plenty of opportunity for cavalry charges, especially if the Maratha player can activate his massive cavalry compoo (brigades). And all in very unusual settings with heretofore unseen terrain, such as the 8-10 foot high elephant grass that covered most of 2 of the battlefields.

As an added attraction, the game plays equally well solitaire.

Each copy of VINDALOO will contain:

4 game maps (two – 22″x34″ and two 17″ x 22″)
Two full counter sheets
Rules Booklet Approximately 24 pages
Battles Booklet Approximately 20 pages
Two Charts and Tables cards
1 10-sided Dice


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