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All you need to know about Werewords

Is Werewords fun to play?

Players: 4 – 10 players | Game Duration 10 – 10 mins | Min. Age 8+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Deduction, Party Game, Real-time, Word Game Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Werewords about?

Werewords: The Ultimate Party Game

Looking for a new party game? Try Werewords to liven up any gathering!

Werewords is a game that combines word guessing and hidden role elements, like a mash-up of “20 Questions” and “Werewolf.”

Gameplay: What’s the Deal?

  • Secret Word: Each round, players try to guess a secret word. One player, the Mayor, knows the word and gives yes or no answers to questions.
  • Roles: Players have secret roles – villagers, werewolves, the seer, and the mayor.
  • Werewolves’ Goal: To steer players away from the correct word.
  • Villagers’ Goal: To guess the word. Simple, right? But here’s the twist – there’s a werewolf among them trying to lead them astray.

Game Mechanics: How Does It Work?

  • Time Crunch: A timer ticking down adds a rush to your hush-hush discussions.
  • App-Driven: A handy app takes care of word selection and timing, making setup a breeze.
  • Role Reversals:If the word is guessed, the villagers attempt to sniff out the werewolf. If the word is not guessed, the werewolf wins unless caught.

Who’s It For?

  • Party Animals: Werewords is a blast at parties or casual get-togethers. It’s quick, engaging, and gets everyone talking.
  • Families and Friends: It’s a hit with families and friends looking for a fun, interactive game night.
  • Gamers of All Levels: Whether you’re a word game wizard or a casual gamer, Werewords is easy to pick up and play.

What Makes It Fun?

  • Suspense and Laughter: The blend of word-guessing and bluffing creates hilarious moments and suspenseful reveals.
  • Social Interaction: It’s a social game that gets people talking, laughing, and accusing (all in good fun, of course).
  • Replayability: With a vast array of words and different roles each game, no two games of Werewords are the same.

So, grab your friends, pick your roles, and get ready for a howling good time with Werewords. Just remember, not everyone is who they seem to be!


Find out about Werewords

Rulebook and How to Play Guides

Official Rule Book

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Awards Won by Werewords

2019 Spiel des Jahres Nominee
2017 Golden Geek Best Party Game Winner
2017 Golden Geek Best Party Game Nominee

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