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All you need to know about Zerywia

Is Zerywia fun to play?

Players: 1 – 4 players | Game Duration 45 – 150 mins | Min. Age 13+ | Game complexity: Genre: Adventure, Exploration, Fantasy, Mythology Solo game mode: Yes | Co-op: Yes | Online Version: No

What is Zerywia about?

Zerywia is a cooperative adventure board game set in the primeval world of Slavic myths. It includes a campaign mode composed of individual adventures for 1 to 4 players, linked together by an overarching storyline. Each adventure can also be played separately, as standalone episodes. This enables the players to experience each story in different ways and allows to lead their Heroes on a different path during each playthrough.

Each Hero has their own Saga, a tale waiting to be uncovered and told. Progressing through it grants powerful, new relicts, rituals or allies. As they roam the lands, the Heroes will be able to acquire new Sagas, which shall give them more power and unlock new, hitherto hidden parts of the story. This is why our Heroes are a work in progress, so to speak, and it falls upon the players to shape them and lead them to noble (or not quite so) deeds.

Here are the four tribe champions who seek their destinies;

Svara – the Vengeful Grace
A mercenary, roaming the land together with packs from Wolf Gate. Once a peaceful priestess, now a huntress filled with primal instincts. She is fast and deadly, eager to spill blood. She swore vengeance on the beast, which burned down her family shrine along with the life she once had…

Goryv – the Hungerer
They said he came in from the Barren Woods and fell, almost lifeless, under the Watchstone. He has been fighting the unnamed taint ever since he could remember. The beast has been growing inside him, restless, filled with a hunger one could not resist. When the druids found him at the stone, half-dead, he told them of his taint in the hope that his Saga would not end with the next full moon…

Dalbor – the Murkbathed
A child found by a witch. It wasn’t supposed to survive, had no chance to resist the cursed fog in which it had been abandoned. And yet the hungry Murk did not monstrify the boy, granting him strength instead. He would soon find his heritage and embark on a journey to meet his past…

Veda – the Sister of Hollows
Veda, like her mother before her, carried the Gift. She was born into it and even when she was a little girl, her mind wandered between worlds. After losing her beloved brothers she did not want to accept the cruelty which fate had bestowed upon her. She thrust herself into the spirit world in search for her brothers. However, each passing through the the veil of Vela comes at a price…

—description from the publisher

Rulebook and How to Play Guides

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