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An Introductory Guide to Deck Building Card Games

The deck building card game genre is becoming increasingly popular. A unique blend of strategy and luck can be found in these games, where players start with a small deck of basic cards and then gradually get more powerful cards to add to their deck.

The Basics

Everyone starts with the same basic set of cards in a deck-building game. Players use their cards to add new, stronger cards to their deck as the game progresses. Aim to outmaneuver your opponents and achieve the game’s goal by building the most efficient and effective deck. The goal of some games may be to get points, beat your opponents, or reach a certain goal.

There are a lot of deck building games to choose from, each with its own style and theme. Some of the most popular ones are Dominion, Star Realms, and Clank!

Tactics and Strategies

Deck building card games have a lot of strategic depth. You have to decide when to acquire new cards, when to play certain cards, and when to remove cards from your deck. The key to mastering these games is timing, card synergy, and adaptability.

Game Mechanics of Deck Building Games

A variety of mechanics contribute to the strategic depth and replayability of deck building card games.

Card Drafting

Card Drafting mechanics

‘Card Drafting’ is a common mechanic where players pick new cards from a shared pool to add to their decks. This mechanic introduces a layer of strategy as players must decide which cards to take based on their current deck composition and game plan.

Hand Management

Hand management game mechanics

There’s also ‘Hand Management,’ where players must decide which cards to keep in their hand and which to use, striking a balance between short-term gains and long-term strategies.

Deck Thinning

Deck Thinning card mechanics

In addition, some games include ‘Deck Thinning’, letting players remove weaker or non-synergistic cards from their deck over time, increasing their chances of drawing strong cards.

Variable Player Powers

Some deck building games have ‘variable player powers’. Every player has unique abilities or starts with a different deck, so we have to adapt our playstyles to our strengths. A deck building game’s mastery depends on understanding and exploiting these mechanics.

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