Carcassonne Rules

Game Description

Carcassonne is a game based on tile-placement and territory building. The theme revolves around the world-famous French city, known for its fortifications erected during the Middle Ages. Players place tiles to build roads, cities and monasteries. They earn points for controlling and building these fortifications.

Carcassonne Review


Carcassonne is an easy to learn game with very strong gameplay. When placing tiles, you will have to strategise where and when to place tiles so that it gives you a way to control the building you have constructed. This will involve thinking a few steps ahead and pre-empting the move of other players.

Players will find themselves having to decide if they should complete a building and gain the points or place a tile next to another building to attempt to steal points from another player. There is a strong element of luck in the game as all the tile pieces are different and you are not guaranteed to get one that completes the spot you want. This can disrupt the best well-laid plans. If you hate a strong element of luck and uncertainty, this might annoy you. However, the unpredictable nature of the game can also make it quite fun, especially for casual gamers.

As your progress depends on the tile piece you draw, the tile drawing process is an exciting one. Everyone is eagerly anticipating what tiles are drawn.

The board grows as the game progresses and this also gives players a sense of accomplishment.

Carcassonne is easy to pick up and play. You can get started fast and have a game that involves some tactical decision making. However, do bear in mind that it is not a very deep strategic game as there are not many elements of difficult decisions that a player needs to make.




  • Easy to learn
  • Involves strategic and tactical thinking
  • Randomness of tile draw and impacts can create excitement
  • Tile building creates sense of accomplishment


  • Strong element of randomness – some may not like it
  • Basic strategic elements but not much depth
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    Game Features

    Recommended Age and above 7
    Estimated Game Time 40 min
    Min number of players 2
    Max number of players 5
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