Keyforge Call of Archons Review

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Keyforge Call of Archons Review

KeyForge Call of the Archons
is the world’s first Unique Deck Game. Every single Deck that is truly unique and one-of-a kind. In the first set of KeyForge Call of the Archons, there are more than 104 quadrillion possible decks!

Every deck contains a full play experience and cannot be altered. It plays right out of the box. You no longer need to purchase boosters and deck build. The cards have special abilities. However, the interactions between your unique set of cards help to make your play powerful. Your tactical decisions will determine your success.

KeyForge Call of the Archons is played over a series of turns where you take the role of an Archon who uses the creatures, technology, artifacts, and skills of a chosen House to reap Æmber, defend against enemies, and forge enough keys to unlock the Crucible’s Vaults.

Your turn starts by declaring one of the three Houses within your deck that you will use. For the rest of the turn, you may play and use cards only from that House.

Next, you will try to gain the advantage with a series of decisions, using cards in your hand and those in play. You cand decide to attack your opponent’s forces, send out your allies to fight enemies on the opposing side, or choose to use your forces to reap and adding more Æmber to your pool.

Balance is key in the game. If you focus too much on reaping Æmber, your opponent may quickly grow their forces and destroy yours, impacting on your Æmber reaping capability. If you are too battle focused and neglect the collection of Æmber, you may not reach your end goal! You can spend six Æmber at the start of your turn t forge a key and this moves you one step closer to your victory. The first to forge three keys wins!

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    • No need to deck build and search for powerful cards
    • Easy to learn game rules and cards abilities are easy to understand


    • If you like deck building, this card game is not for you
    • You may need to buy multiple decks to get a better experience the game

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    Game Features

    Recommended Age 14
    Estimated Game Time 30 min
    Min number of players 2
    Max number of players 2
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