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love letter game rulesOverview of Love Letter Game Rules

Queen Marianna is arrested for high treason, and her daughter, Princess Annette, is heart-broken. Suitors are seeking to ease Annette’s sorrow by courting her and bringing love to her life.
Each player is one of these suitors, trying to send their love letter to the Princess.

She has locked herself in the palace, and players must depend on intermediaries to carry their message.

Love Letter is played in a series of rounds where each round represents one day.

love letter game rulesThere is a card deck containing the various characters in the game (Princess, Countess, King, Prince, Handmaid, Baron, Priest, Guard)

Players start off with a card from the deck and take turns to draw and add a card to their hand. On their turn, they will choose a card to discard and apply its effect.

Once the deck is empty, players will reveal their hands. The card with the highest number wins that round and gets a token of affection. Play will proceed   to the next round.


The player who reaches the target number of tokens wins.

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    • Easy and fast to learn
    • Fast Gameplay
    • Player interaction
    • Silly and fun for the family


    • High luck factor in the game

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    Game Features

    Recommended Age 10
    Estimated Game Time 20 min
    Min number of players 2
    Max number of players 4
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