Tiny Towns

Tiny Towns Board Game Review

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Tiny Towns Board Game Review

As mayor of a tiny town in the forest where smaller creatures of the forest have created a hidden civilization away from predators, you need to plan and build a prosperous town. However, this land is tiny and the resources are limited and you must not let your resources go to waste. Whoever builds the most prosperous tiny town wins!

In Tiny Towns Board Game, your town is depicted by a 4×4 grid where you place resource cubes in specific patterns to build buildings. You get victory points for buildings. The game ends and points are calculated when all buildings have been constructed or no player can place any more resources. Players score by building types and lose points for unused spaces.

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    • Simple rules with lots of strategic thinking involved
    • Cute and colourful pieces
    • Puzzle-like gameplay
    • High replayability as every game presents a unique set of buildings to work with and different types of scoring
    • Simultaneous play – every player is active throughout the game


    • May not be suitable for younger players as they may get stuck early on in the game

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    Game Features

    Recommended Age 14
    Estimated Game Time 50 min
    Min number of players 1
    Max number of players 6
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