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Tapestry Board Game Rules Reference to help you learn how to play

Easy and fast way to learn the Tapestry board game rules. Check out our short explainer video of the  essential instructions and get your game started quickly.

 I find reading and learning the rules a real pain. These videos were created to help ease the pain for fellow tabletop gamers.
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1 –5  players

90 – 120 mins

Age: 12 +

What is the goal of Tapestry?

You compete to create a civilization where you start at the beginning of humankind and progress into the future. 

Your civilisation will depend on your progress on 4 advancement tracks (science, technology, exploration, and military). As you progress, you will earn Victory Points which will determine if you have the best civilisation.

Game Overview and  Setup 

Table of Contents


  • Guide your civilisation through 5 main eras (turns).
  • When guiding through the eras, you will:
    • collecting resources
    • use resources to advance your civilisation in science, technology, exploration and military
    • decide which advancement track to focus on
  • The level of advancement influences types of building and landmarks you can place in your capital city.  This will determine your victory points.
  • The player with the most victory points by the end of 5 eras is the winner.

On each turn, you perform one of the following actions:

  1. INCOME: Collect Income to begin a new era or
  2. ADVANCE: Advance your player token on an advancement track by paying the cost and gaining the resulting benefit

Play proceeds clockwise to the next player

On the first turn, every player STARTS A NEW ERA and thus, everyone begins with an INCOME action.

How do you win?


  • The game ends at different times for each player.
  • Your game ends when you finish your final (5th) income turn.
  • Gain benefits from your civilization, 1 upgrade, and victory points as shown on your income mat, but you cannot play a tapestry card or gain income.
  • If other players still have turns after your game has ended, you may still gain victory points from passive civilization abilities, but you cannot gain anything else.
  • When all players have taken their final income turns, the winner is the player with the most victory points.
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