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Suitable for 3 – 6 players | 30 – 30 mins duration | Recommended age 10+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Card Games,Party Game,Real-time,Trivia Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No

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What is the goal? #

  • Correctly answer the most questions before the balls in the spiral timer reach the bottom

Game setup #

  • Place cards go into the card box
  • Cards have the same colour facing the front and draw end
  • Card box and timer are positioned in the table centre
  • Players choose and place their pawn on the board’s START
  • Each player gets:
    • 2 PASS ON cards
    • 2 SWITCH cards

Gameplay #

The youngest player is the Hot Seat player and starts first. Play proceeds clockwise. 5 second rule gameplay involves the following:

  1. Player on the Hot Seat player’s right draws card, reads it aloud and starts timer
  2. Hot Seat player provides 3 answers within 5 seconds (indicated by timer)
  3. If Hot Seat player answers correctly, they move one space forward on board
  4. If Hot Seat player is not able to answer all 3, next player on their left tries to provide 3 answers in 5 seconds
  5. Next player cannot use previously provided answers
  6. This continues in a circle until a player provides 3 answers in 5 seconds. This player will move one space forward on the board
  7. If play reaches original Hot Seat player and no one has provided 3 answers in 5 seconds, the Hot Seat player moves one space forward on the board 
  8. Player to the left of the original Hot Seat player becomes new Hot Seat player and starts with new different card. Play continues as above.
5 second rule rules - Card
5 second rule card
The 5 second rule game rules - Timer
5 second rule – timer

Special Cards #

Special cards can be played by the Hot Seat player. There are 2 types of cards: Pass On and Switch. When playing special cards, Hot Seat player must call out “Pass On” or “Switch” immediately AFTER hearing their question.

Pass On Cards #

  • Question is passed to the player on the left of the Hot Seat player
  • If player on the left gives 3 correct answers, they move forward one board space 
  • If player fails to give 3 correct answers, the original Hot Seat player moves forward one board space
  • If Pass On is used,  the question does not get passed on around to the next player

Switch Cards #

Hot Seat player can change for a new question when using the SWITCH card. When used, a new card is drawn.

Danger Zone space #

If a player moves to this space, they must provide 3 correct answers on their next turn or next attempt (when someone has answered incorrectly). If they don’t give 3 correct answers, they miss a turn/attempt to answer any question. 

When you need to miss a turn, place your pawn on its side. After the missed turn, place pawn back upright. 

5 second game rules - Danger Zone

How to win? #

Players progress on the board until they reach FINISH. 1st player to reach FINISH wins the game.

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