We cover the essential instructions to help you quickly learn how to play Agricola.
In this section, we cover how to setup Agricola. If you have already setup, click here for the how to play Agricola rules guide. Note: these rules are based on the original edition.

The game is based in Central Europe, around 1670AD. Europe has overcome the devastating Plague. People are rebuilding their lives. You and your spouse are farmers looking to establish your new farmland.

Agricola Game Rules

How to setup Agricola Board Game

Step by step guide on setting up your Agricola game (original edition)

Total Time: 57 minutes

Choose colour and pieces

Choose a colour and take the pieces

Setup your farmyards

Take 1 farmyard and place it in front.
Place a Wooden Room Hut Tile on each of the 2 building spaces on the farmyard. Place your family member on each of these room tiles.
Place remaining playing pieces (additional family members, fences, stables) in bag and put aside. Remaining house and hut tiles and the rest of the game components are placed beside playing area.

Setup Blue Round Cards

Agricola Blue Round Stage Cards

Sort the blue Round cards ordered by game Stage. Shuffle each small pile and place the piles on top of each other with Stage 6 cards at the bottom, Stage 5 on top of that, etc – finishing with the four cards for Stage 1 on the top. Round cards make new actions available during the game.

Setup Green Action Cards

Agricola Green Action Cards

For 3-5 player game, take the corresponding set of green Action cards and place face-up on the spaces to the left of the first game board. The order does not matter.
3 players: take 4 cards, 4 or 5 players: take 6 cards.
1 or 2-players, no green Action cards are used

Shuffle and Deal Yellow Occupation Cards

Agricola board game rules - occupation card

The purple symbol on the left side of the yellow Occupation cards shows how many players the card is used for. Cards not used are removed from the game; Shuffle cards and deal 7 to each player, who may look at their cards. Remaining cards are put aside. Shuffle the cards and deal each player a hand of 7 Occupation cards
Players may look at the cards. The remaining Occupation cards are put to one side

Shuffle and Deal Orange Minor Improvement Cards

Minor Improvement Card

Shuffle the cards and deal each player a hand of 7 Minor Improvement cards, who may look at their hand. Remaining cards are put aside. The remaining Minor Improvement cards are put to one side

Place Red Major Improvement Cards

Agricola Game Setup (Original Edition) 1

Place the 10 cards face-up on the Major Improvements board. As soon as 9 Major Improvements have been bought, the board is turned over to show the scoring overview. Remaining Major Improvement card is placed on the space on the reverse of the board.

Place Grey Begging Cards

Begging Card

Place the grey Begging cards face-up beside the playing area.

Players take Summary Cards

Agricola Game Setup (Original Edition) 2

Each player takes a card which summarises the gameplay.

Select starting player and take food tokens

Choose a starting player who will get starting player marker and 2 food. Other players get 3 food.

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Agricola Game Rules
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