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Guide and Reference to Bang! Cards

This section lists the Bang Game cards. Get the details on how the different cards affect the Bang Game.

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The Bang Game Cards

Bang Game Card Weapons
Bang Game Cards Weapons

Bang Game Card Vol-canic
Bang Game Cards –


You begin with a Colt .45 revolver. There is no card representing this, but a drawing on your playing Bang Game board.

Colt .45 can only hit targets at a distance of 1,

To hit targets farther than distance 1, a bigger weapon is needed. place it over the Colt .45 to replace it.

Weapon cards have a blue border with no bullet holes, black-and-white illustration and the number into the sight (see picture) that represents the maximum reachable distance.

Until the card is removed, the weapon in play replaces the Colt 45.

It still is possible to steal (e.g. through Panic!) or discard (e.g. through Cat Balou) weapons played on the board. You can never lose your Colt .45!

You can only have one weapon in play at a time: to play a new weapon, you must discard the one you already have.

Important: weapons do not modify distance between players. They represent your maximum reachable distance when shooting.


any number of BANG! cards can be played during your turn. These BANG! cards can be aimed at the same or different targets, but maximum distance is1.

Bang game card
Bang Game Card Missed!

BANG! and Missed!

BANG! cards are the main way to reduce other players’ life points.
To play a BANG! card to hit one of the players:

a) measure the distance to the target player; and
b) make sure your weapon is capable of reaching that distance.

When you are hit by a BANG! you can immediately play a Missed! to cancel the shot.

If you don’t, you lose one life point (discard a bullet).
We put the discarded bullets in a pile in the middle of the table.

Once you lose all your bullets, i.e. lose your last life point, you are out of the game, unless you play a Beer (see next section) immediately.

Only shots aimed at you can be cancelled. The BANG! card is discarded, even when cancelled.

Bang! Cards 1


When played, take a bullet from the pile to regain one life point. A player cannot gain more life points than they start with!

Beer cannot be used to help others.

The Beer can be played in two ways:
• as usual, during your turn;
• Out of turn, but only after receiving a lethal hit (that is, a hit that takes away your last life point), not if you are just hit.

When there are only two players left, Beer has no effect

Bang! Cards 2


Has two lines of symbols, which are two simultaneous effects, one for each line.
The symbols say: “Regain one life point”, and this applies to “All the other players”, and on the next line: “[You] regain one life point”.

All players in the game gain one life point as a result of this.

Saloon isn’t a Beer: you can’t play it out of turn when you’re losing your last life point!

Bang! Cards 3
Stage Coach and Wells Fargo

Stage Coach and Wells Fargo

The symbols read: “Draw two cards” (three with Wells Fargo).

Bang! Cards 4
General Store

General Store

If you play this card, you turn up as many cards from the deck as players left in the game. In a clockwise order starting from you, each player chooses a card and puts it in his hand.

Bang! Cards 5


“Draw a card” from “a player at distance 1”. Weapons cannot alter this distance, only cards like Mustang and/or Scope can alter it.

Bang! Cards 6
Cat Balou

Cat Balou

Force “any one player” to “discard a card”, regardless of the distance

Bang! Cards 7


The Gatling fires “a BANG!” to “all the other players”, regardless of the distance.Despite the Gatling firing a BANG! to all the other players, it is not considered a BANG! card. During your turn you can play any number of Gatling, but only one BANG! card.

Bang! Cards 8


When played, every player except the one who played it may discard a Bang card or lose one life point. Neither Missed! nor Barrel have effect in this case.

Bang! Cards 9


You can challenge any opponent (looking him in the eye! ), regardless of the distance.

A BANG may be discarded by the opponent challenged even though it is not his turn!.

You may discard a BANG card if he does, and so on: the first player to fail to discard a BANG! card loses one life point, and the duel is over.

Missed is not playable! You cannot use the Barrel during a duel. There is no BANG card for the duel. During a Duel, discarded BANG cards are not counted towards the “one BANG card” restriction.

Bang! Cards 10


Mustang horses increase the distance between you and other players by 1. You still see the other players at the normal distance.

Bang! Cards 11


A Scope reduces all other players’ distance by 1 when you have one in play. You are still seen normally by other players when you have one in play. Distances less than one are regarded as 1.


There are some cards (Barrel, Jail, Dynamite) that display little poker suits and values, followed by an equal sign and their effects.

The player playing this card must “draw!”, i.e. has to flip over and discard the deck’s top card and look at the poker symbol in the lower left corner.

Successful Draw!
When the flipped card shows a symbol (and value!) that matches, then the “draw!” was successful. The card’s effects are resolved (the “draw!” card is always discarded without effect).

Nothing happens for an unsuccessful Draw!s.

If a specific card value or range is displayed, the “draw!” card must show a value within that range (including the pictured symbols), and the suit shown.

The value sequence is: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A.

Bang! Cards 12


The Barrel allows you to “draw!” when you are the target of a BANG!:

You are Missed! when drawing a Heart card! (just like if you played a Missed! card);

Otherwise, nothing happens.

Bang! Cards 13


You can play this card in front of any player despite the distance: he is in jail!

When in jail, you must “draw!” before the beginning of your turn: –

Escape from jail when you draw a Heart card, discard the Jail, and continue your turn as normal; – otherwise discard the Jail and skip your turn.

When in Jail you remain a possible target for BANG! cards. You can still play response cards (e.g. Missed! and Beer) out of your turn, when needed.

The Jail cannot be played on the Sheriff.

Bang! Cards 14


Play this card in front of you: the Dynamite stays for the whole turn.
When starting next turn (Dynamite already in play), “draw! before the 1st phase

  • if card showing Spades and a number between 2 and 9 is drawn, the Dynamite explodes! Discard it and lose 3 life points;
  • otherwise, pass the Dynamite to the player on your left (who will “draw!” on his turn, etc.).

Players keep passing the Dynamite around until it explodes (effect explained above) or
it is drawn or discarded by a Panic! or a Cat Balou.

When both Dynamite and a Jail in play, check the Dynamite first. If you are damaged (or even eliminated!) by a Dynamite, this damage is not caused by any player.

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