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Learn How to Play Connect 4 Rules for those who hate the rulebook

I hate the hassle of reading rulebooks and wish they could get straight to the point. I wrote this guide with the aim of helping you learn how to play Connect 4 quickly.

Players: 2 to 2 | Game duration from: 5 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
Click here for the official Connect 4 rules pdf / rulebook | Play Connect 4 Online here

What is the goal?

Connect 4 checkers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally first


Connect 4 1
  • Assemble the bars and grid together along with sliding the lever under the grid so checkers can’t fall out.
  • One player takes all the checkers of a single colour.
  • The other player takes all the checkers of the other colour.


  • Players decide who begins.
  • Players alternate between turns in playing a checker.
  • On your turn, drop a checker down any slot on the grid and play alternates until one player gets four checkers in a row.

How to Win

Be the first to connect 4 checkers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

how to play connect 4 - 4 in a row vertically
how to play connect 4 - 4 in a row diagonally
how to play connect 4

Connect 4 Rules FAQs

What is key to winning Connect 4?

Key to winning is to anticipate your opponent’s moves, keep your positions in the middle, keep an eye out for game winning spaces, do not play directly below game ending spaces and much more. Check out our Connect 4 Winning Strategies article.

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