How to play One Night Ultimate Werewolf Rules Guide

A simple and quick explanation of gameplay and rules to get everyone started fast. We summarise the One Night Ultimate Werewolf game instructions to provide you with easy online references to the game objectives and directions.

Players: 3 to 10 | Game duration from: 5 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play One Night Ultimate Werewolf rules in simple steps One Night Ultimate Werewolf rules pdf / rulebook | Play One Night Ultimate Werewolf Online Link 1

What is the goal of One Night Ultimate Werewolf game?

One Night Ultimate Werewolf lets players take on the role of a Villager, a Werewolf, or a special character. In order to win, you have to figure out who the werewolves are and kill at least one of them unless you are one. It is a game of bluffing and deduction.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Game Setup

Setup depends on the number of One Night Ultimate Werewolf players (3-10)

Basic Card Setup

For 3 player game, cards to be included are 2 werewolves, 1 seer, 1 robber and 1 villager. For 4 player game, add a villager and for 5 players, add 2 villagers.

For 6 or more players, ensure that three more cards are provided than the number of players. Shuffle the selected cards, and deal face-down one to each player.
The remaining three cards and tokens that match the cards being used should be arranged in the centre of the table.

Players should secretly view their cards and place them face down near the three cards in the table centre.

Using additional roles

You can use additional roles in your games. Remove one card and replace it with another. Use virtually any combination of cards, though you should not introduce more than a couple of new roles at a time so that players can easily understand them.

Always have 3 more cards than players, regardless of which roles are present. Tokens for each of the cards should be placed near the Announcer before each round. By doing so, everyone will know what roles are in the game, and the announcer will know in what order to call them.

Step-by-step How to Play One Night Ultimate Werewolf

How to play One Night Ultimate Werewolf. The gameplay involves one night and one day (the night action starts first). Players take on the role of a Villager, a Werewolf, or a special character. To win, you have to figure out who the werewolves are and kill at least one of them unless you are one.

Night phase

As part of a night action, several roles are called on. The only exception to this rule is villagers, tanners, and hunters who can never wake up at night.

In addition to their own role, one player is designated as the One Night Ultimate Werewolf Announcer and announces each of the roles in the following order:

Doppleganger / Insomaniac

The announcer silently counts to 10 after each role is woken to allow the player to perform their action. Non-active players are forbidden to move, point, or communicate with other players during the night.

Example of Night Phase

Announcer: “Everyone, close your eyes.” All players close their eyes (including the Announcer).
“Werewolves, wake up and look for other werewolves.”
The werewolves open their eyes and look for anyone else whose eyes are open (there might not be any others).
“Werewolves, close your eyes. Seer, wake up. You may look at another player’s card or two of the center cards.”
The player with the Seer card opens her eyes and may quietly look at one other player’s card or any two of the cards in the center.
“Seer, close your eyes. Robber, wake up. You may exchange your card with another player’s card, and then view your new card.”
The player with the Robber card opens his eyes and may quietly exchange his card for another player’s card, which he looks at.
“Robber, close your eyes. Troublemaker, wake up. You may exchange cards between two other players.”
The player with the Troublemaker card opens her eyes and may quietly exchange the cards of two other players without looking at those cards.
“Troublemaker, close your eyes.” The Announcer, keeping his eyes closed, moves the cards around slightly (this ensures no
one can claim a card was moved/inspected because it is no longer in its original position).
“ Everyone, Wake up!” All players open their eyes and look around suspiciously.

Day Phase

Players discuss who they believe to be the werewolves after the night phase. Each player is free to say whatever they want, but may not show their card. Werewolves may want to claim to be another role in order to avoid death.

As certain roles change other players’ cards, your role is whatever card you have in front of you, which may differ from what you originally played.

Following the night phase, no one can look at any cards. After discussion, players vote. “3, 2, 1, Vote!” Each player points to another player.

The player with the most votes dies and reveals their cards. If players are tied with the most votes, they die and reveal their cards.

If no player gets more than one vote, no one dies. A way for the players to accomplish this is to vote in the same direction around the table, with each player receiving one vote (decide this as a group before voting).

Winning One Night Ultimate Werewolf

After only one night and one day, the village team wins if at least one Werewolf dies. Even if more than one non-Werewolf person dies in addition to the werewolf , the village team wins.
For werewolf teams to win: At least one player needs to be a Werewolf and no Werewolves can be killed for the team to win.
Tanners have special rules about who wins; see his or her role description for details.

Announcer Role

  • As the Announcer, place any tokens with numbers near you, and you can check the night wake order in between rounds.
  • Unless you are checking the night wake order, keep your eyes closed during the night.
  • During the night, you might want to tap the table to cover up any sounds made by the other players as they perform their roles.
  • If you call your own role, perform your action and do not speak.
  • Introduce new roles or players to the game by pausing during the “action” section of each so they have time to decide what to do.

Wake-up at Night Roles

One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles that wake up at night.


One Ultimate Ultimate Werewolf roles - Doppleganger

The Doppelgänger takes on the role and team of whichever card she views.

She wakes up before the other roles.

A Doppelgänger views (but doesn’t change) one other player’s card at night, and based on what she sees she does the following:

Villager, Tanner, Hunter: She has become that role and does nothing else at night.

Mason or Werewolf: She awakens along with the other Werewolves or Masons when they are called. Depending on whether she sees a werewolf or a mason, she will be on the werewolf or village team.

Seer, Robber, Troublemaker, Drunk: She immediately performs that role’s action (she does not wake up again with the original role when called).

Minion: After the Doppelgänger phase, the Announcer tells the Minion to close her eyes, unless she is now the Minion, and that the werewolves should raise their thumbs. She is on the werewolf team.

Insomniac: Just after the Insomniac closes their eyes, the Doppelgänger-Insomniac awakens to check if she is still the Doppelgänger. A player who receives a Doppelgänger card during the night is the role the Doppelgänger originally viewed. During the night, the Doppelgänger is given a different script, as she must be told to look for werewolves if she is the Minion, and woken up later at night if the Insomniac is present.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles - werewolf

All werewolves open their eyes at night and search for other werewolves.

Other Werewolves are in the centre if no one else opens their eyes. Werewolves are in the werewolf team.

Lone Wolf

A Werewolf who is the only one present can see one centre card. For a Werewolf without a partner, this is extremely beneficial, and provides him with a useful tool for deceiving the other players.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles - Minions

Immediately after the Werewolf phase during the night, the Minion wakes up to see who the Werewolves are.

All Werewolves put their thumbs up so that the Minion can see who they are but these Werewolves do not know who the Minion is.

The Werewolves (and the Minion) win if the Minion dies but no Werewolves die. When no players are Werewolves, the Minion wins as long as one other player (not the Minion) dies. Having this ally can prove to be very useful to a werewolf team. They are on the werewolf team


One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles - Mason

Always use both Masons when using the Masons. At night, the Mason looks for the other Mason. If the Mason doesn’t see another Mason, then the other Mason card has to be in the centre. Masons are on the village team.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles - Robber

At night, the Robber may decide to steal a card from another player and place his Robber card where the other card was. The Robber then checks his new card.

Originally, the robber would be on the team of the villagers but this changes depending on what card he takes. He does not do the action of his new role at night.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles - Seer

During the night, the Seer may examine one of the players’ cards or two center cards, but does not move them. Seer plays for the village team.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles - Troublemaker

The Troublemaker may switch the cards of two other players at night without looking at their cards. Even though they don’t know what their role is until the game is over, players who receive a different card are now the role (and team) of their new card. They are on the village team


One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles - Drunk

When it comes time to wake up at night, the Drunk exchanges his card for any card in the centre, but does not look at it. Despite not knowing what this new role is, The Drunk is now the new role that is in front of him.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles - Insomaniac

When the Insomniac wakes up, she glances at her card (to see if it has changed). Use the Insomniac only if the Robber and/or Troublemaker are present. They are on the village team.

Non-waking roles:

One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles that do not wake up.


The villager does not possess any special abilities and is not a werewolf. It is quite common to see players claim to be a Villager. Villager is on the village team.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles - Tanner

Only if Tanner dies does he win. The Werewolves do not win if the Tanner dies and no Werewolves die. In the case of a Tanner and Werewolf death, the village team also wins. Tanner is considered a member of the village (but not on their team), so if he dies when all the werewolves are in the centre, the village loses. He is neither on the village or werewolf team.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles - Hunter

When the Hunter dies, the player he is pointing at also dies (regardless of how many votes his target receives).

Using Tokens

The game includes role tokens that match each of the cards. You can use these in a few different ways:
Display what roles are in play during each game and the order
Randomly selecting the roles that are in each game
Using the tokens during the day to help them deduce players’ roles by placing appropriate tokens on top of cards that they’ve “verified.”

Tournament Concept

You can set up a mini-tournament by awarding the winners of each game a poker chip. The player with the most chips wins after obtaining a certain number of chips. If there is a tie, play continues until one player has the most chips. When you have more than one game in a tournament, do double-elimination, where players play until they have lost twice.

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