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How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker in Simple Steps

A quick reference guide on how to play Texas Hold’em Poker in quick, simple steps.

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What is the goal of Texas Hold’em Poker?

You are dealt 2 cards (known as the hole cards) face-down. 5 cards are then dealt one by one onto the centre of the table. Each time a card is dealt, players have the option to make bets. You try to make the best poker hand combination with your 2 cards and any of the 5 community cards on the table.

Texas Hold’em Player Actions

Players typically have the following action options:


Match the previous player’s bet.


Choose not to bet and pass to the next player in turn to bet.


Increase the amount of the previous player’s bet by limits set in the game.


Throw your cards away. You are out of the hand. You lose whatever you have bet previously into the pot and can no longer take any actions.

Texas Hold’em Poker Setup

Dealer Button

The player with the dealer button shuffles the deck of cards and deals a card to each player clockwise twice. The dealer button moves to the left after each game, and a new player becomes the dealer.


The first 2 players seated to the left of the dealer are required to make blind bets (forced bets). The 1st player to the left makes a small blind bet, and the 2nd player to the left makes a big blind bet. You can determine the blind size with your friends. The Big Blind is twice that of the Small Blind.

Texas Holdem - Dealer and blinds


When playing amongst friends, you will determine the limit of raising within the game. You can decide on the following:

Fixed Limit
A raise is only twice the Big Blind amount.

No Limit
The minimum starting raise must at least two times the the big blind, and the maximum raise can be all the chips a player has (All-in).

Pot Limit
Raise up to the maximum of what is in the current pot.

How to play Texas Hold’em Poker in quick, simple steps.

Pre Flop Betting

Pre Flop betting

Once every player has 2 cards, the first round of betting starts. The player to the left of the Big Blind is the first to act and has 3 options: Call (match the Big Blind bet), Raise, Fold. Play continues clockwise till all players have taken their actions. If no one has raised, the last player to act (The Big Blind), can choose to check. The action you take will depend on your guess on the strength of your hand once all 5 community cards have been revealed.


How to bet on the flop in Texas Hold'em

The dealer flips the first 3 cards from the deck onto the table. This round is known as the Flop. The first active player to the left of the dealer button takes the first action, and they have 4 available options: Check, Call, Raise and Fold. Betting continues clockwise until all players have taken their actions.

The Turn

Texas Hold'em Poker 1

The dealer flips the next card from the deck onto the table. This round is known as the Turn. Once again, betting actions continue clockwise, with the first active player to the dealer’s left taking the first action (Check, Call, Raise or Fold).

The River

How to Bet on the river in Texas Holdem Poker

The River is the last betting round. The dealer flips the next card from the deck onto the table. Another round of betting takes place in a similar process to the previous one. Once all betting is completed, the Showdown begins for all remaining players in the hand.


Texas Hold'em Poker 2

The remaining players in the game reveal their hole cards. Using their hole and community cards on the table, the player with the highest-ranked combination of 5 cards wins the hand and the pot. Click here to view the poker hands ranking table. Cards are reshuffled and a new game/hand begins.

Materials: 52 Playing Card Deck Dealer button Small and Big Blind Buttons Poker Chips

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