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Winning Strategy for Monopoly

Strategy for monopoly

We look at the strategy for Monopoly to help you get rich, earn more and win by bankrupting your opponents.

Players: 2 to 8 | Game duration from: 60 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Monopoly rules in simple steps Monopoly rules pdf / rulebook

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Control the Monopoly Railroads

If possible, own all four railroads. It is a great way to pile up on cash, and you don’t have to pour money into the railroads to build houses.

Monopoly properties to own

In Monopoly, orange properties reigns supreme. Lilac and red are not far behind. Yellow and pink are also strong. A game of Monopoly involves two dice rolls. The probability of hitting a 6 to 8 is highest with two dice rolls. Considering the movement of six to eight spaces, the properties of orange, lilac, and red, and the likelihood of landing on them. What does that tell us? Purchase them as soon as possible.

Own three houses in the following colors: orange, light blue, and light purple/magenta. You will be able to generate money quickly and use that to fund your purchase of more expensive properties, such as Boardwalk.

Borrow to develop and make more money

To build your future cash flow, borrow money and develop your land. Monopoly allows you to mortgage your properties to gain funds. Do this to start developing your properties quickly so that you will build a healthy cashflow in the later part of the game.

This happens in real life! People borrow and develop their real estate in anticipation of a hot real estate market and then use their proceeds to pay back their loan.

There is a right time for Jail

There is a right time to get out of jail quick or stay in jail as long as you can
In the early part of the game, you want to quickly build up your portfolio and not waste that opportunity. If you land in jail, try to get out of it quickly.

In the late part of the game, jail can be a safe place. When properties are already developed and there is a risk of paying your opponents large amounts of rent, take your time and stay safe in jail.

Follow the rules of Monopoly

Don’t allow others to add or modify the standard Monopoly rules. These change the dynamics of the game and can lower your chances of winning and create a long drawn out game.

Trading can give you the edge

Having a trading strategy for Monopoly can put you at an advantage. Trading can be a useful way to get the crucial properties you need or sell/trade your unwanted properties.

Trading involves negotiations with other players. So, just like in real-life, don’t be a prick in the game. Being a prick, may result in players being less open about trading with you and they may gang up and try to bankrupt you.

Bankers in Monopoly earn nothing

A capitalist only does things that benefit them. So, be aware that a banker in Monopoly does not bear any rewards. Think twice before volunteering to be banker. As a banker, you will be performing extra actions that bear no benefit and may distract you from your game.

Use the smallest token to go under the radar

Use the smallest token so that your opponents may not be aware that you land on their properties. Having a big token attracts unwanted attention.

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