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All you need to know about Catan 5-6 Player Extension

Is Catan 5-6 Player Extension fun to play?
Catan 5-6 Player Extension
Players: 5 – 6 players | Game Duration 115 – 125 mins | Min. Age 10+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: City Building, Economy / Industry, Negotiation Solo game mode: No | Co-op: Yes | Online Version: No

What is Catan 5-6 Player Extension about?

Catan 5-6 Player Expansion: At a Glance

  • Expands Group Size up to 6 players,
  • Includes additional hex tiles and resource cards to enlarge the game board for more players.
  • Special Building Phase: allows players to build in between turns, keeping the game pace lively and engaging.
  • Enhanced Interaction from increased number of players.
  • With more resources and a larger map, players have more strategic options
  • Suited for existing Catan fans seeking to include more players

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Catan 5-6 Player Expansion makes it possible for larger groups looking to delve into the competitive yet cooperative Catan world of resource trading and strategy. Here’s a closer look at what this expansion brings, why is it fun, and who will get the most out of adding it to their Catan base game.

The Expansion Gameplay and Mechanics

The 5-6 player expansion doesn’t reinvent Catan; rather, it extends the table, allowing more friends to join in the fun. There are additional hex tiles to enlarge the game board and more resource cards.

A key adjustment this expansion introduces is the “Special Building Phase.” In the base game, players must wait their turn to build roads, settlements, or cities.  The Special Building Phase increases pace and strategic depth by allowing players to build in between turns.  This keeps everyone engaged and reduces downtime, making for a more dynamic game experience.

What Makes It Fun?

The Catan 5-6 Player Expansion adds more players and this means more negotiations, alliances, and betrayals. The larger map and increased resources result in more strategic options for players.

Furthermore, the Special Building Phase adds a layer of strategy not seen in the base game. You need to exercise more caution with your resources, knowing that opponents can build crucial roads or settlements before their next turn. 

Who Will Love This Expansion?

The Catan 5-6 Player Expansion is perfect for Catan fans looking for a bigger playing group. It’s also ideal for players who enjoy a more social, less predictably strategic game. 

Rulebook and How to Play Guides

How to Play Catan 5-6 Player Extension and Review Videos

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