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All you need to know about Catan Junior

Is Catan Junior fun to play?
Catan Junior
Players: 2 – 4 players | Game Duration 30 – 30 mins | Min. Age 6+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Air / Land / Sea Travel, Children Games, Economy / Industry, Pirates Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No
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What is Catan Junior about?

Catan Junior At a Glance

  • A board game designed for younger audiences, introducing them to the Catan universe.
  • Players start with two pirate lairs and aim to expand by building ships, discovering islands, and establishing more lairs.
  • Involves resource management and trading with resources such as wood, goats, molasses, swords, and gold, gathered from controlled islands for expansion and development.
  • Includes a friendly parrot for resource trading and the Ghost Captain challenge, adding dynamic obstacles to navigate.
  • Encourages strategic thinking, resource management, and negotiation skills, fostering critical thinking and planning in a child-friendly setup.
  • Designed to be fast-paced, with an average game lasting around 30 minutes, keeping young players engaged and focused.

Unveiling the Adventure: Catan Junior

 Catan Junior introduces younger gamers to the wonders of the Catan board game.

The Voyage Begins

Catan Junior is a 2 to 4 player game for ages 6 and up who embark on a quest to become the most successful pirate of the seas. Each player starts with two pirate lairs and aims to expand their influence by building ships, discovering new islands, and establishing more lairs. 

Expansion Gameplay and Mechanics

The core game mechanics involve resource management and trading. Players collect resources like wood, goats, molasses, swords, and gold from their controlled islands. These resources are used for building ships, constructing new pirate lairs, and purchasing development cards that provide various advantages.

Catan Junior introduces a friendly parrot that helps players in trading resources, ensuring that the game remains dynamic and engaging, even when luck seems against you. The game also features the Ghost Captain, a unique challenge that prevents players from collecting resources from a specific island.  Players strategise their movements to navigate around this obstacle.

What Makes Catan Junior Fun?

Catan Junior  requires strategic thinking, resource management, and negotiation skills, at a level suited for young children. The game fosters critical thinking and planning, as players must decide the best way to use their resources and where to expand next.

The pace of the game is fast, with games lasting around 30 minutes, ensuring young players do not lose focus..

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Awards Won by Catan Junior

2013 Origins Awards Best Family, Party or Children’s Game Nominee 2013 Boardgames Australia Awards Best Children’s Game Winner 2013 Boardgames Australia Awards Best Children’s Game Nominee 2012 Golden Geek Best Children’s Board Game Nominee

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