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All you need to know about Catan Traders and Barbarians

Is Catan Traders and Barbarians fun to play?
Catan Traders and Barbarians
Players: 2 – 4 players | Game Duration 60 – 119 mins | Min. Age 10+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: City / Resource Management, City Building, Economy / Industry, Negotiation, Territory Building Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Catan Traders and Barbarians about?

Traders & Barbarians is distributed as the third major expansion for The Settlers of Catan, although it is actually a compilation of small expansions and variants. It is independent of the Seafarers and Cities & Knights expansions, but can be combined with them.

A Campaign with Five Scenarios
The “Fishermen of Catan” discover how fishing not only enhances the menu, but also opens up new tactical options.

In the second scenario, “The Rivers of Catan,” the rivers prove to be lifelines. You can easily make a fortune building roads and settlements adjacent to rivers.

An oasis has been settled by nomads in the third scenario. The caravans are sent out to barter for wool and grain, since they are short of these resources. Everybody wants to profit from the “Caravans,” but it isn’t that easy to send the caravans to one’s own settlement.

Catan’s wealth is not overlooked. Catan’s coasts are soon attacked by the “Barbarian Attack.” The Catanians must now close ranks and train knights. As the knights prepare for battle, they do so not entirely selflessly, since each barbarian captured is worth half a victory point.

A final scenario is titled “Traders & Barbarians.” It’s time to repair the damage caused by the barbarians. Eventually, Catan’s roads and paths are bustling with baggage trains carrying marble, glass, sand, and tools to the castle, glassworks, and marble quarry. Upon successfully completing a delivery, you will receive a victory point and gold. A few scattered barbarians interrupt the smooth flow of the transports, unfortunately.

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