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Players: 1 – 4 players | Game Duration 40 – 80 mins | Min. Age 13+ | Game complexity: MEDIUM Genre: Animals, Card Games, City Building, Fantasy Solo game mode: Yes | Co-op: No | Online Version: No
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Everdell: A Journey into a Lush Board Game Universe

The Enchanted World of Everdell

Everdell’s beautiful game board is a grand-tall tree, where the city of Everdell flourishes. This setting serves as the game’s backdrop, connecting the player with the narrative woven throughout their gaming experience.

Designed by James A. Wilson, Everdell’s strategic gameplay covers resource management, and worker placement. Everdell stands out through its ability to balance these elements in a way that encourages creativity and engagement.

Gameplay: The Flow of the Forest

Everdell’s gameplay is a convergence of serene pacing and thoughtful actions. The game awards patience and planning but also allows for spur-of-the-moment decisions that add an element of surprise.

Starting a Season

The game is divided into four turns, or “seasons,” each season representing a set of actions and progress. Players start with a group of critter cards and a small deck of resource cards. These modest beginnings belie the complexity of Everdell’s potential paths, as players can grow their city, expand their critter population, and gather resources to achieve the ultimate goal: building satisfying settlements and wondrous constructions in the heart of Everdell.

The Cadence of Seasons

Each season opens with a player turn. They can play one or more cards from their hand and then use their critters to gather resources, draw more cards, or prepare to construct new elements of their city. As the game progresses through the seasons, so too must players adapt their strategies. The cadence of seasons mirrors the ebb and flow of nature, with each season bringing its own joys and challenges.

Mechanics: The Nuts and Bolts of Everdell

Everdell’s game mechanics form the backbone of the experience, providing structure and challenge without being overtly burdensome.

Resource Management and Planning

In Everdell, success hinges on the efficient management of your resources. Collecting wood, resin, pebbles, and berries is essential for card plays, and each resource serves a unique purpose. As such, players must balance long-term needs with short-term gains to build a functional, dynamic city.

Worker Placement

Worker placement in Everdell involves placing critters from your tableau onto the board to take specific actions. This mechanic, while simple in concept, adds layers of depth to the game as players strategize to outmaneuver one another and secure coveted actions before they’re taken.

What Makes Everdell Fun?

At its core, Everdell is a game that marries strategy with storytelling. The delightful art and creative interpretation of the forest-dwelling critters are a whimsical dose of fun that keeps gameplay light even as the stakes grow more challenging.

Aesthetics and Ambiance

Everdell delights the eyes and minds of players with its beautiful components. The game’s cards, meeples, and tokens are all exquisitely designed, adding a tactile satisfaction to the game that is often missing from virtual counterparts.

Storytelling Through Play

Each move in Everdell contributes to a larger narrative — the story of your city’s growth and the challenges it faces. The game encourages players to weave their own tales, infusing every choice with personal significance.

Who Will Find Everdell Fun?

Everdell’s charm is universal, but it particularly resonates with certain audiences who are drawn to the particular blend of elements it offers.

Board Game Enthusiasts

Those with a love for the strategic gameplay of board games will find much to love in Everdell. Its mix of mechanics offers a challenge that rewards repeated play as players discover new strategies and synergies.

Nature Lovers and Story Seekers

Everdell is a game that appeals to those who appreciate a strong thematic element. The game’s narrative and artistry, combined with the strategic play, provide a full-spectrum gaming experience that’s both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant.

Family Gamers and Social Groups

Everdell can be enjoyed by a wide range of players, from families to seasoned gaming groups. Its accessible mechanics invite newcomers, while the depth of strategy keeps more experienced players engaged.

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