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Is Space Base fun to play?
Space Base

Players: 2 – 5 players | Game Duration 55 – 65 mins | Min. Age 14+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Dice, Science, Space Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Space Base about?

Space Base: An Interstellar Empire Building Board Game 

‘Space Base’ — is a game of cosmic construction and shrewd resource management that invites players to assume the roles of commodores in a bustling space fleet.

Gameplay and Mechanics

‘Space Base’ is designed for 2 to 5 players and typically lasts around 60 minutes. The premise is simple: each player starts with a fleet of ships on their individual board, and over the course of the game, you acquire new ships to expand your fleet and base’s capabilities.

The mechanics are a harmonious blend of dice-rolling luck mixed with strategic deployment of ships. On their turn, a player rolls two dice and everyone gets to activate ship cards corresponding to the roll. The active player can use the numbers combined or split them, but other players can only use the combined total. This design choice ingeniously keeps all players engaged during each turn, banishing the downtime boredom often found in other games.

As players acquire new ships, they have to make tactical decisions about which ships to deploy to their active or passive fleets. Active ships provide resources when you roll their number on your turn, while passive ships reward you when other players roll that number. The ultimate goal is to amass enough credits, influence, and new ships to earn victory points. The first player to reach a set number of points triggers the endgame, and the player with the most points at the end of that round wins the game.

What Makes ‘Space Base’ Fun?

Interactivity is at the game’s core, ensuring there’s never a dull moment even when it’s not your turn. The constant anticipation of the dice roll and the ability to benefit from other players’ turns create a lively atmosphere.

Strategy comes into play as you decide how to optimize your fleet. Allocating ships effectively can turn a stroke of luck into a powerful move. The strategic depth allows for different paths to victory: some may focus on a particular type of ship, while others might spread out their investments for a more balanced approach.

The progression system in ‘Space Base’ is immensely satisfying. Players start with modest ships but gradually build up an increasingly powerful fleet. The evolution of your space base is visible on your tableau, serving as a compelling visual representation of your burgeoning empire.

Lastly, ‘Space Base’ has a modular difficulty level, which makes it appealing to both beginners and seasoned gamers. New players can join in without feeling overwhelmed, while experienced players will still find plenty of strategic choices to ponder.

The Audience for ‘Space Base’

The game is a great fit for families with older children, gaming groups looking for a strategic yet accessible title, or couples seeking a fun way to pass an evening. It offers a well-balanced challenge that won’t leave you feeling lost in space. With a gameplay that’s easy to grasp but difficult to master, ‘Space Base’ has something for every kind of board game enthusiast.

‘Space Base’ is a winning combination of dice-rolling luck and tactical fleet management. The continuous engagement and rewarding progression system make for an addictive gameplay loop that beckons for just one more round. Whether you’re a rookie looking to dip your toes into the world of board gaming or a veteran strategist, ‘Space Base’ offers an intergalactic journey you’ll want to take again and again. All aboard your spacecraft, it’s time to build your space base and rule the universe!

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Awards Won by Space Base

2020 Fairplay À la carte Runner-up
2019 Origins Awards Best Board Game Nominee
2018 Meeples’ Choice Nominee
2018 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee
2004 Lucca Games Best Original Game

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