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Dice Rolling Board Games That Will Keep Everyone Entertained!


Games based on dice dice-rolling mechanics incorporate an element of randomness. The feel of rolling dice and waiting for the outcome creates an immersive gaming experience. Dice-rolling games typically are simple to learn and can create a world of possibilities. A roll can be the difference between triumph and defeat. Not all these games are just purely based on chance. Many of them include strategic elements and incorporate dice as a means to reflect events that aren’t always certain and involve chance.

An Experience That Unites
In our increasingly digital world, dice games provide a tangible and communal experience. There’s something undeniably human about gathering around a table, feeling the weight of the dice in your hand, hearing them clack onto the surface, and watching as the symbols on their faces decide your fate. It
Here are a list of highly rated board games that effectively use the dice rolling mechanic to effectively entertain and challenge everyone.

Simple Roll and Attack Games!

King of  Tokyo – Be the King Monster!

“King of Tokyo” is a dynamic, dice-rolling board game where you take on the role of monsters who battle for dominance over the city of Tokyo. The rules are simple and the gameplay is fast. You roll dice to attack opponents, heal yourselves, or gain energy, which can be used to buy special power cards for unique abilities. To win, you strategise on when to go for an all-out for an attack, focus on healing, or wait to gain power cards.

King of Tokyo Monster Dice Rolling Game

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Games involving dice drafting strategies

Choose the Right Dice to Craft Stunning Stained Glass Windows in ‘Sagrada’

Sagrada” is a dice drafting game with puzzle-solving elements. Players try to form stained glass window patterns by wisely selecting dice from a common pool each turn.  This mechanic simulates the delicate process of selecting glass pieces but also adds strategic depth as each die’s color and value must comply with the specific requirement of the pattern. One must balance between fulfilling the aesthetic and structural demands of their masterpiece, managing resources, and navigate the limitations of their choices.

Is Sagrada fun?

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Terraforming Mars Dice Game

Terraforming Mars Dice Game – a faster paced adaptation of the award winning Mars Exploration game

Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game‘ is an adaptation of the award-winning game that incorporates dice-rolling mechanics into its gameplay.

Through the roll of the dice, players generate resources, complete projects, and advance their strategies to make Mars a new home for humanity. The game cleverly transforms the original game into a more accessible, faster-paced format.

The dice mechanics are pivotal, as they not only simulate the unpredictable nature of managing resources on a hostile planet but also require players to make strategic decisions based on the roll outcomes.
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Roll for the Galaxy and build your galactic empire

“Roll for the Galaxy” combines strategy, luck, and customization into a thrilling space exploration experience. You roll and assign dice to develop worlds, manage resources, and expand empires. The excitement comes from  custom dice representing various actions, and then cleverly assigning them to develop planets, produce goods, and explore new territories. Each decision feels meaningful as you develop your empire,  and seek the most efficient paths to victory while adapting to changing circumstances.

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Troyes – Grow your influence in the medieval city

“Troyes” is a captivating dice game that transports players to the medieval city of Troyes, where they must strategically navigate the complexities of medieval society. Players must skillfully navigate the intricacies of daily life and politics. Through a combination of dice rolling and clever resource management, you strive to influence various sectors of the city, defend against threats, and advance your own agendas. The game’s unique mechanics challenge players to adapt to changing circumstances, collaborate with or thwart their opponents, and strategically allocate their limited resources to maximize their influence and secure victory..

Dice Rolling Board Games That Will Keep Everyone Entertained! 1

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Space Base – roll, activate and build sectors within your space fleet

In “Space Base,” players take on the role of starship captains overseeing the development of their own space fleets. Each player has their own set of dice representing different sectors of their space base. On their turn, players roll their dice and activate the sectors corresponding to the numbers rolled. These activated sectors provide various benefits, such as generating income, gaining resources, or acquiring ships. The significance of the dice lies in their dual role as both a source of randomness and a strategic resource. With strategic decisions to make at every turn, from selecting which sectors to activate to timing upgrades for maximum efficiency,

Dice Rolling Board Games That Will Keep Everyone Entertained! 2
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Roll and Race Dice Games

Longshot Dice Game – bet and bring your horse to the finish line

In “Longshot: The Dice Game,” players take part in the exhilarating world of horse racing through a fast-paced and strategic dice-rolling experience. Each player is a jockey, looking to guide their horse to victory by rolling dice and strategically allocating their results to advance their position on the racetrack. With each roll, players must weigh their options, deciding whether to push their luck for a chance at greater rewards or play it safe to maintain their position. Along the way, one can employ special abilities and tactics to gain an edge.  creating a thrilling and competitive race to the finish line.
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Camel Up

Watch and bet on a quirky camel race across the desert. There is a unique pyramid-shaped dice dispenser that releases dice representing different camels’ movements. Strategically place bets on which camels you think will win or place in the race, while also influencing the outcome through clever manipulation of the race’s pace. With unpredictable twists and turns, including camel stacking and surprising dice rolls, “Camel Up” offers a delightful blend of luck and strategy that keeps you entertained and engaged throughout the race.

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