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Co-op Tabletop Games – work together as a team and win

The category of games that we will focus on this week will be Co-op tabletop games.

These games provide loads of fun for family and friends and makes it less competitive. Instead of competing with each other, you and your friends work together  as a team to solve a puzzle or fulfil an objective.

Typically in such games, you will be faced with a timed challenge.

Games such as Pandemic and Forbidden Island, result in you having to solve a puzzle or achieve your objectives before certain events occur. These events occur during gameplay and so, you will need to rush to work together.

Some of the highly recommended all-time co-op board games are Pandemic and Forbidden Island.


In Pandemic, you and your team work together to contain the spread of disease. Events occur during the game that can lead to a quicker spread of the disease. You need to use the special skills of your team to travel around the globe and eradicate the virus.

Check out how to play here

Forbidden Island

You are adventurers on an Island and you need to capture the treasure, get to the helicopter zone and escape. Beware! The Island starts to get flooded and parts of it will sink.

Lose one of your team mates, or if the treasure sinks together with the Island and your lose!

Check out how to play here

Magic Maze

If you and friends like Mazes, why not try Magic Maze? You and your friends need to help your heroes steal their items from the Magic Maze mall and escape.

Don’t get caught by the guards! You need to escape before the timer runs out!

One challenge you will face is that you can’t communicate with any of your friends. Solve and find your way out together without talking or signalling to one another.

Check out how to play here

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