Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island Board Game Review

Game Description

Forbidden Island Board Game Review

Forbidden Island is aa cooperative board game. You and your friends take turns moving your pawns around the ‘island’ (represented by connected tiles). During the game, island tiles will start sinking, and the number of tiles sinking increases. Your team has  keep the island from sinking, while at the same time attempt to collect treasures and items.

As the water level rises, the game gets more difficult and you will have to make more sacrifices.

The game has multiple levels of difficulty, and different characters (each with unique abilities) to choose from. If you have more players in your game, it will become a faster and more challenging game.

Forbidden Island Board Game Review Summary

Game title: Forbidden Island

User Review
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    • Easy to set up and plays quickly
    • Difficulty level scales up well and the game plays well with different player counts
    • Nicely produced components


    • Not for those who don’t want to work cooperatively

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    Game Features

    Recommended Age 10
    Estimated Game Time 30 min
    Min number of players 2
    Max number of players 4
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