Root Board Game Review

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Root board game review

Root is a board game of adventure and war in which you battle for control of a vast wilderness.

There are various factions in the vast wilderness. The Marquise de Cat faction have seized the woodland and intend to harvest its riches. Many creatures of the forest have banded together to form the Alliance faction. This Alliance will seek to grow its resources and overthrow the Cats. While attempting to do this, the Alliance may seek the help of the Vagabond faction who wander and are able to move through the more dangerous forest paths.

While all this is happening, at the edge of the region, the Eyrie have found a new leader who they hope will lead their faction to resume their ancient birthright of ruling the woodlands. This sets the stage of a contest that will decide who rules the great woodland.

Root the board game is a game of asymmetric design. As a player in Root, your faction will unique abilities and different victory conditions.

The Cats faction’s game is based on engine building and logistics while attempting to control the vast wilderness. They collect Wood and produce workshops, lumber mills, and barracks. The Cat’s victory is achieved through the construction of new buildings and crafts.

The Eyrie faction’s goal is to take back the Woods. They must take over as much territory as possible and build roosts before start squabbling again.

The Alliance recruits forces and creates conspiracies. They start slowly and have a strong late-game presence if they can manage to keep the other players in check.

The Vagabond gain by playing all sides of the conflict, while hiding a mysterious goal. They explore the board, fight other factions, and try to achieve their hidden goal.

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    • Asymmetrical abilities and victory conditions result in high replayability
    • High player interaction as players work strategically to prevent anyone from getting too far ahead
    • Deep strategy. The way factions interact can create dramatic changes in the game
    • Well produced artwork and game pieces


    • Takes some time to learn and teach and understand each player’s role
    • Might be a struggle for younger players (10-year-olds) to grasp game’s dynamics

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    Game Features

    Recommended Age 10
    Estimated Game Time 70 min
    Min number of players 2
    Max number of players 4
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